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Living in Calgary in 2016, so far it’s been a very rough start for our Province, Alberta.   You can’t watch the news, listen to the radio without hearing about how the turn in the economy is impacting our lives.

 As a result do you feel like you’ve had enough? Just can’t seem to be handing your emotions well, perhaps even damaging a few relationships along the way?   Feeling anxious, tired, worried, can’t sleep well, and the list goes on and on?

At the End of Your Rope?

What does stress look like in your world today? What is it doing to your mental health? What about your body? Do you ever stop to consider that our body and minds are connected? Hence when you are “down in the dumps” you lack energy, start to have aches and pains in places you did not before.   When is enough, enough?

Have you tried all the conventional means but still struggling? Are you willing to open up your mind and consider something that nature has given us, that might actually act as tools to help us deal with our daily stress?

Actually you may already have some of these “unconventional” tools right under your nose?   Have you been collecting those rocks, tumbled stones, crystals along your life journey? Many of us have, even as children we were drawn to the lore of these Gifts from the Universe.

In today’s stressful world, I thought it was time to share some of the tools I have in my “Crystal Survival Kit”, and show you how to use them. Chances are you may even have a few yourself already.

To receive the FREE PDF of my “Crystal Survival Kit Resource Guide – Top 5 Crystal Tools & How to Use Them”, click here now https://intuitive.leadpages.co/crystalsurvivalkit/

This is just the beginning. If you have a keen interest in Crystals but so overwhelmed with all the information out there, please watch for future Blogs where the knowledge share will continue.  Plus I’d love to hear what you have to say!  Leave a comment at [email protected]  

Next Blog we will go into further detail about Lode Stones, the first Crystal Tool from the Crystal Survival Kit Resource Guide.

Things you need to know about the Crystal Experiment.  See what Darren has to say this week about 2 important topics.  Watering and measuring.

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