Services are now only available remote, meaning we connect via Skype or phone. Whether I tune in with you in person or long distance, the information and results are the same. Time and space is created by man, not spirit.

Preparing for your Angel Card Reading via Skype or phone

  • For long distance, link contact to book a time, then decide on length of time (30 or 60 minutes), and subject (s) requiring attention (i.e. love life, finances…)
  • Await confirmation for reading time, then proceed to Pay Pal (for long distance reading)
  • We can arrange a time to do reading via Skype or phone together, or
  • Once I know the theme you are looking for I can proceed alone and record the reading, then the card photos and recording will be emailed to you afterwards.  The choice is yours.

What to expect from a remote Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki, or Chakra balance session:

  • First session will require a general assessment (via phone or Skype if possible) – things you feel I should know about you before beginning.
  • Discuss the importance of accepting personal responsibility for what may arise in a session. Only YOU can change your life and Crystals and I can help give you the steps to get there (for Crystal Healing, and Reiki sessions only).
  • Relax in your comfortable room on massage table or bed, face up, covered in warm blankets.
  • Your bed or table time  is up to 60 minutes, so remember to limit caffeine and lots of fluids a few hours prior to your session
  • Debrief session after via phone or Skype
  • Plans of action are discussed depending on session outcome (for consulting clients)
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  • Remember to…
  • Find a comfortable, private place to lay down and relax
  • Focus on breathing pattern, be slow, deep and ensure full exhalation and inhalation is taking place (youshould be able to feel your belly going up and down)
  • Be open and ready to receive
  • Be aware of any visions, thoughts, symbols, memories etc. that may arise
  • Allow allotted time to pass, then contact will be made as previously arranged to discuss experiences from both giver and receiver. You can request a written response of the experience if you prefer vs a phone call for the session follow-up.

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