INSIDE THE CRYSTAL – July Plant Experiment Update

Hello and welcome back!

We sure have been having a wet July here in Calgary, and Mother Earth is very grateful including the tomato plants we have growing in the plant and crystal experiment.

“Before the big rains set in I was outside watering when I noticed one of the tomato plants bent over, so checked it out immediately to see if maybe it had snapped and broke.  Well imagine my surprise when the reason was due to the amount of tomatoes on that vine.  I called Darren out to see what I had discovered and we decided it was a great time to do an update because not all plants had tomatoes on them yet, and a pattern was emerging.”  Rebecca

Watch as Darren tells you the updated results by clicking on the play button below:

Here is a summary of what Darren has uncovered so far:

Assorted Crystals:

2 out of 5 that were BELOW soil, had 8 tomatoes on each, Kyanite and Kunzite were the 2 Crystals with tomatoes.

The control and the crystals above, had zero tomatoes.

Although Moldavite and Moonstone below soil had zero tomatoes they were the bushiest best looking plants of the whole group, all plants combined.

Quartz Crystals:

4 out of 6 BELOW soil, had a variation of tomato growth (from 3 to 10).  Smokey quartz had 10, Clear quartz 8, Rose quartz 3, Citrine 3 tomatoes each.

The control had zero and 1 out of the 6 yielded tomatoes, which was Amethyst ABOVE and had 2 tomatoes.

The biggest tomato circumference was 20mm was Kyanite BELOW and Clear quartz BELOW.


Mmmmm tomatoes!Based on our experiment at this time it is clearly evident that crystals, whether they are quartz or assorted, inserting them below the soil have the best result.  Soon to be yummy tomatoes!

Thanks for stopping by and note that for July and August we are going to be only posting a few times so you can be outside enjoying the weather with your loved ones!

Happy Summer, and we will be back in a few weeks with more about Crystals.

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