Time to start your own Crystal Soul-Journ!

Start your own Crystal Soul-JournWhat is a Crystal Soul-Journ?

With the aid of Crystals and other healing modalities, it’s time to explore and awaken your own “awareness” to help you answer questions as to why particular areas in your life are not working. As a skilled facilitator, I help you discover your blocks, help you remove them, and guide you to choosing a path that will better serve you, if this is what you choose.

Crystal Soul-Journ offers confidential sessions, in a comfortable environment (your home as sessions are done remotely) where you are the centre of attention for whatever your healing needs. We discuss intention for the session, and I give you the information you need to make it an amazing “healing experience”, like nothing else you have so far, that I promise! No session is ever the same, it all depends on what you need at the time.


When working with Crystals we are also working with the Chakra’s, energetic centres that if blocked can cloud our energy and affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Here is a beautiful video of what clear Chakra’s might look like:

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Provide a safe, nurturing and healthy environment to facilitate a Client’s “Soul Journ”, a journey of the soul with the use of Universal Healing Modalities, such as Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki and other Spiritual Modalities along with coaching, teaching and mentoring services.


World peace; one person at a time.

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