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It’s spring time, and everyone is itching to get back out into the fresh air and dig their hands into the dirt, the treasured garden!

Have you ever considered putting some Crystals into your garden to help give it a boost?  Consider what we’ve learned so far about hertz and crystals, and how we give off hertz frequency.   This acts as a catalyst to the energy highways within a Crystal, and we can direct it with proper intent. So why not plants?  Here is some research from this article   http://www.livescience.com/27802-plants-trees-talk-with-sound.html where it states  “Gagliano and her colleagues recently showed corn seedling’s roots lean toward a 220-Hertz purr, and the roots emit clicks of a similar tune.”  This tells me Crystals may give plants a boots, and why not, they are “of the Universe” themselves.

natural stone sodalite in beautiful colors on white ground

Crystals and Plants, just go together, naturally…

Before I had even thought of it in those terms, Darren and I had done our own experiments and saw for ourselves, science or not science, that Crystals have an effect on plants.  Of course with each experiment we did, from herb seeds, to Sunflowers, which got washed out in a rainstorm, so we turned to Pothos’ plant (inside this time) as I had a report to write about this experiment, and Darren said they tend to grow fast, perfect! inside.  A few things we learned were this:

  • Rose quartz helps in the growing stage.
  • Lithium quartz is better once the plant has taken root and about 6 weeks into growth.
  • Kunzite helps in initial stages of germination.
  • The “control plant” did not grow as fast or produce as many leaves as the ones with Crystals in them.

As these were just a few of the results, and were done many years ago, we’d like to try our hand at another experiment, and have you join us!  This can happen 2 ways.   First you can watch the monthly updates that Darren provides, to see if there is anything to this or not. Even better join the experiment yourself and send us your comments to [email protected]!

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Choose the number of Crystals you wish to try, let’s say 6.
  • Choose your 5 Crystals.
  • Choose 6 of the same plant with saucer.  Remember 1 will be the “control plant”, meaning no Crystal in it.
  • Ensure all pots are the same size.
  • Same plant size (trim leaves if needed).
  • All containers with plants are the same weight.
  • Measuring cup. Use the same amount of water (yes measure it out) and same schedule for water, or fertilizer (if added).
  • Journal and pen.
  • Shears or scissors.
  • Labels & marker (or label maker if you have one).
  • Paper towels.
  • Scale (kitchen scale should do it)
  • Same sunlight; rotate 1x per week
  • Place in sunny window for first month of the experiment for control purposes, and in Calgary, for chanbing weather reasons.
  • Reduce costs by compromising, use crystals you have, start with 2 plants you’re going to plant in your garden anyway.  Just do you best and record your results.
  • Record:  Temperature inside and outside 1x per day
  • Record:  Height, and width, overall size of plant or  flower (weekly)
  • Record:  Condition of foliage / leaves / flowers
  • Record: Date and time of your check in

Watch Darren as he prepares for the experiment:

Next what materials are you going to need to set up?

Now more details about plants and what Crystals to use.

Plant & Crystal purchasing and preparation considerations.

Planting Crystals like seeds!  Above ground and in soil.

Plant placement, very important!  What to record details.

Crystals used: Quartz family chosen due to variation

  • Amethyst – Connection & overall great for physical health
  • Citrine – Confidence in humans, in plants…?
  • Clear- all about Connecting with Higher Power
  • Rose – known for Love propterties
  • Rutilated – rutiles are known to move energy at a fast rate
  • Smoky – typically grounding

Assorted Crystals including some rare:

  • Green Calcite – chosen for it’s “waxy” surface to see effects
  • Lilac Kunzite – all time favorite, but known for calming effects
  • Blue Kyanite – this was totally guided by intuition
  • Moldavite – known for it’s connection to Outter Space
  • Peach Moonstone – connection to the moon and feminine engery

We hope you enjoyed this week’s “Inside the Crystal” topic about Crystals and your Garden, and look forward to sharing our results with you in a month’s time.

We sincerely hope you join the experiment, as the more information we share the better for everyone!

For now leave us a comment below or at [email protected]!

Will be back on May 9th with the next Blog.  Stay tuned!

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