Essential knoweldge to change how you look at Crystals.

This course provides the knowledge, and a little bit of science to help you understand their power so you can start using your Crystals right away.

In our first ever online course, Crystals 101 we share everything you need to know to get started. 

So dust them off and get ready to be surprised at all the options you’ll learn.

Crystals 101 will help you to:

  • Remove the mystery of how Crystals really work with some basic science
  • Deep dive into the ROCKRULES so you can see what you have at home to begin using Crystals right away.
  • Show you how to choose Crystals for yourself and others so you can use them as daily support tools to help with real life issues, like anxiety, anger etc.
  • Gain the knowledge to build Crystals grids and have fun making it your own style with so many options.
  • Learn to meditate with Crystals and experiment with different techniques, to truly make it your own practice.
  • Most importantly gain the confidence to start using Crystals in your daily life as support tools, so you can experience their subtle but powerful energetic support.

And when you sign up, you’ll also receive:

  • First time ever released to the public, our personal Crystal Ailments Guide 
  • Grid template instructions so you can easily make your own
  • Chakra Guide to get you started on understanding their purpose and what Crystals to use  – yes a surprise bonus we just added!

Here is what people are saying:  

“That was an impressive demonstration! I never questioned that crystals had energy, but I’m still surprised to see what you mean.”

“Crystals and rocks are more diverse and useful than I’d anticipated. I thought they just made beautiful jewelry, but no…they clearly benefit us in many ways. Thanks for the tour through their kingdom.”

“That’s a lovely tool. The combination of artistry, love, and intention makes for a magnificent exercise. I don’t have nearly as many crystals as you do, so I’m thinking I’ll add color with my pencils/pens and then augment them with crystals. The act of coloring seems to me would add healing energy to the grid.” 

“I love the mediation with Crystals, I always had troubles meditating ,and I became frustrated with the process. The way you show us how to do it with the crystals and the breathing it is was the right one for me because I was able to let go and afterward felt so relax and happy. Mahalo Just perfect!”

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Use NEW coupon code 33SAVE to save $34 upon registration.

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