INSIDE THE CRYSTAL : What’s in Your Backyard or Alley?

Hello Crystal Friends!

The last time you were out for a walk, did you look down?

Silly question perhaps, but I recently found myself in Northern Ontario at the start of the beautiful fall season, and found some amazing treasures just by looking down.


What a great opportunity to get out and connect to nature, as the weather was warm, sunny and not a typical fall day.  I could not let this glorious day pass me by!


While I was walking to a nearby beach I looked down a discovered these beautiful salmon and some white colour quartz.  This got me to thinking, you do not need to go to any local Rock or Crystal store, just go outside in nature and see what you can find.  Even in your back alley in the city, there might be some treasures waiting just for you!  Just look down, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Remember also, those ones in the store come from nature anyway right?

Another option is to google what kind of rock find places are in your area, as you might be surprised.

img_3038  img_3043

 Of course I gathered a few of these gifts from Mother Nature, as what a nice take away, and memory of my past growing up around here.

Well as you all know I am a firm believer in the “Rock Rules” ( Cleanse, Intent, Gratitude), so the first step was to cleanse my new found treasure!  I had to find a way…

Again, right there in front of me the Lake!

Well now that we have some freshly cleared crystals, why not do a meditation in front of the lake?

As we live in the city it’s not always easy to get out to nature, so I thought what a great way to take this memory home with me.  Then it occurred to me, why not share this with everyone, then you too can enjoy nature from the comforts of your own home, especially as winter approaches?

So I took the crystals and set them on my make shift sacred cloth (my jacket – again nothing fancy, its about intent, not having the perfect set up or yoga mat), and positioned myself in the centre, and began to lead a guided meditation.


 Below is my gift to you, as I pay it forward from Nature.

Enjoy this guided meditation.

(Please note it’s best to listen to it with a head set.  Enjoy the visual!)

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