Remote / Long Distant Healing Session – Crystal and Reiki available

In the Metaphysical world of healing, time and space are of no consequence; it is humankind who has those limitations. Because there are no assigned limitations as we might believe, healing can be done long distance.IMG_4690

To proceed we arrange a time for you to laydown to receive, after first talking about your session intent.

When ready to proceed you will follow some simple breathing techniques and simple instructions. It’s then time to let go and let the Soul-Journ begin!

After the session we will discuss the result on both perspectives, yours and mine.

I find that when I do long distance healing sessions, I often receive message for clients and some amazing connections. I have found lately the message I receive tend to be around physical tips to help them deal with the issue at hand (i.e. go outside for fresh air; learn deep breathing techniques…), but of course it’s different for each person.

This is a wonderful option for anyone with limited mobility.

At the end of the session, I will email you any results on my end, or any messages.  OR you can choose to arrange a call (you call me) and I go over results on the phone.

A wonderful touch is to add on a 15 minute Angel Card Reading, just to top off the session with any extra guidance that might be required.

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