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A Warm Welcome to You

Gee not hard to guess it’s already September as it’s the Labour Day Weekend and there is a nip in the early morning air.   The sun is rising later, some leaves have turned yellow and the winds have picked up blowing those leaves onto our green lawns.

The biggest sign of all, everyone is back to school!

Back to school and new beginnings.  New courses, new friends, new pens, new textbooks, new notebooks (back in the day long before computers!), but overall back to school always gave me that sense of new beginnings.

Well this fall we are not back to school but we do have a new beginning in our life, and he is a now 10 week old Orange Tabby kitten named Simon.

It didn’t take long for him to win our hearts, however we have 2 other members of the family, Molly a 10 year old  Black Lab, and Oliver our 11 year old Cat and King of the household who did not have the same affection for baby Simon.  At least not to begin with!

IMG_9976Within 2 days Molly and Simon were ok with each other and 3 weeks in, they are buddies and wrestle around like young siblings.


The concern was how Oliver was going to take to this new ball of energy zooming around the house.IMG_1607

Before we picked Simon up we had done our research and all said to introduce another cat, keep them apart for about 6 weeks, so they can get used to each others scent.   Ok, so the wall was built Simon’s space was ready.

One week into it, Oliver knew he was here to stay.  At first he did not care much, then got sniffy and hissy around the door to Simon’s palace.

 This is when I decided to build a Crystal Grid for them, to aid in a calm introduction period. Plus I was heading out of town for 5 days, so anything to help Darren out managing the furry children in my absence.

IMG_1614 (2)

I quite often use geometry when making grids, and this one is a cat with some design in the body.  Beneath this layout is the word “LOVE”, so I figured this would be a good foundation to build this grid.

Next I use intuition to guide what should go into this grid, as the intent is for “Warmly and lovingly accept Simon into our family.”  These Crystals used are as follows, along with why they were chosen for this special grid.

Rose Quartz – For love, of course!  Notice they are placed at the foundation of the cat.

Chrysocolla (the green blue stone)- For building relationship and to drag off negative energy.   Notice that is located above the heart.

Kyanite (the 4 long blue pieces) –  To cut away any negative energy that was present, or that enters.  Notice they surround the cat in the 4 directions, North, East, South and West.

Charoite  (the large purple one) – For it’s protective qualities against psychic attacks.  Especially as I do healing work here, it’s important he is protected energetically as well as physically.

Brandberg Amethyst (close to the bottom) – Brings in profound healing energy from the Universe, so who would not want that in their world and for their new baby, as well as the others?

Danburite (light pink at the top) – All about self love, and what little kitten doesn’t need that when being introduced to 2 larger siblings?

Of course the grid is within a hematite grid (check out previous blog on hematite if you wish to learn more) to make it’s sacred space, and send the Intent to the Universe.

The Intent for this grid was to “Warmly and lovingly accept Simon into our Family”

While I was away, Simon escaped his space and got to see Oliver from a distance.  Nothing to much to report.

He was allowed different times of “freedom” but under supervision only.

Oliver was hissy, and gave him the odd swat, but knowing he could have Simon for lunch, we are very happy with the progress.

In thinking about it Oliver is certainly the wise one!  He is teaching Simon “boundaries” of what is ok, and what is just not acceptable!  I know I can learn from Wise Oliver, as it took me years to learn how to set boundaries, so note taken Oliver.  Set your boundaries right from the beginning!

Did not take long for brave (silly?) Simon to try and befriend Oliver.  I mean he can wrestle around with Molly so why not Oliver?

Well we are working through that now, and still have Simon’s space available for time out if he gets to be too much for Oliver, as lets face it, kittens can be relentless!

Overall we believe this grid has helped to make this transition as smooth as possible.  We are only at week 3 and we all can sleep peacefully in the same room at night, so I think that says a lot.

What about you, have you ever tried using Crystals with your pets?  We would love to hear from you!  Contact us at [email protected] today.

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