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How is that Vision board, and thinking about your legacy going?  Have you found what motivates you?  Have you tried applying one thing into you life?  What did you find out about it and fitting into your life?  Good or bad, now you know.  That is the point of trying it out, better to know now.

While the sound of a “mission statement” or a “vision board” might sound romantic, it’s what comes after that counts.


Of course we don’t want you to just start plugging things into your day-timer but rather try one thing out at a time, and see how it works, overcome challengens, build confidence, make it your new norm, and then move onto the next item on your board.

Now that may not sound romantic, but it is realistic.  Realistic is what brings lasting results.

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Your next action step is to think about one of those items you identified as a motivator.  We are starting there for a reason, to keep you motivated, as change is hard enough, so lets start with something that’s easier to keep you interested.

Time to come up with realistic steps to make that one item a reality in your life.

If you already know what the steps to take are, please go ahead and start writing them down, and we will catch up with you after the meditation.

The meditation this week (after the introduction) is all about inviting your Angels in to help you come up with ideas and ways of thinking outside beyond our paradigms to bring your dreams into reality in ways perhaps we never thought possible.   Or perhaps they can help us to make room for this new activity in our life.  Regardless if you need some guidance, please join in this week’s meditation.

Get your meditation space ready, and this time grab a candle.  You will need:

Meditation space with pillow or chair

Crystals – 4 hematite and a clear Quartz Crystal (tumbled, sphere, or points)

Set meditation space, with 4 hematite comfortably around you – click here for details on setting sacred grid space

Pen and paper

Listen too, and follow along with meditation.

Write down when instructed, without judgement, just let the ideas flow out your hand onto the paper.

This week’s meditation:


Meditation to invite you Angels to help spark new ideas to bring your vision into reality:

The next part of the process will take some time, so don’t rush through this.  Go back and listen to the meditation as needed to spark your creativity and motivation.

Now that you have taken the time to meditate on or think about how to incorporate that new thing into you life, take some time and write down your answers to the following:

What will your life look like in year because of this?

In 6 months?    In 3 months?   Next month?

In order to obtain my goal, what steps do I need to do:

Each day?   Each week?   Each Month?

How much time will I need to dedicate to this each day?  Week?  Month?

Once you have realistically answered those questions pull out your day-timer, or device and add in:

Annual goal; quarterly goals; weekly goals

Daily plans – consider what time of day is best, again, be realistic

Close-up Of Businessman With Calendar Writing Schedule In Diary


Don’t over schedule yourself, it could lead to burn out.

Start small and work yourself up, just like you would if body building.

Allow and schedule down time!

Schedule “what if” time, as you know something will come up.

Be flexible and don’t beat yourself up if you miss your goal.  Just think about what you could do differently if this happens again.

Think of every mistake as a lesson.  It’s much easier to get over that way!

Have someone you can count on to hold you accountable to your plan.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on New Beginnings and the glimpse of what consulting will have to offer in general terms, in one area of life, namely life planning.

If you found this information helpful but still need someone to coach you through this process, or other areas in your life, whether it be for 3 months, 6 or even a year, contact Rebecca at [email protected] today to arrange your free consultation for your personalized consultation package.


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Stay tuned for the next series as we share ideas for using Crystals and Essential Oils to aid as tools towards your real life goals.

But before that, Darren will start his new experiment with Crystals and seed germination.






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