INSIDE THE CRYSTAL June Plant Experiment Update

Hello and welcome back!

It was a big week with the Plant and Crystal experiment, as the tomato plants were transplanted into new pots and found a new home outside in the elements including the beautiful sunshine.  During this time Darren found some very cool results that he would like to share with you.

As a result, Rebecca will be back next week to talk about her next prized tool in her Crystal Survival Kit, the amazing pendulum.  But we don’t want to hold back this updated Plant and Crystal information from you, so you can start to use the information now with your own gardens and flowerbeds.

For now, lets take a moment and hear what Darren has to say about the results thus far.  Click the link below to hear Darren share in person.

Pretty amazing to see and be part of this live experiment, as it certainly is confirming that there are a some crystals that just seem to help the plants grow better than without, and better than others.

  Granted this is not being conducted in a lab with a microscope measuring every minute detail, however it is as real life as it gets, and if you have been following along with your own plant and crystal experiment, we’d love to hear from you and what kind of results you’re getting.

Here is a summary of what Darren has uncovered so far:Mmmmm tomatoes!

Assorted Crystals:

Kunzite and Kyanite both above soil and below soil (by root system) have flowers (soon to be tomatoes) on them.

Moldavite above soil performed next best, however the Moldavite below soil was one of the worst performing, so interesting that Moldavite needs to be above soil and when it is, it works wonders!  Who would have guessed?

Note: The Control plant for the Assorted and Quartz Crystals indicated something that was quite a surprise.  While transplanting them, both root masses were breaking apart, and the only root masses to do so!

Quartz Crystals:

Both Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz below soil, have flowers on them.

Both Amethyst and Smokey Quartz were the best above soil performer, nice solid stocky plants.

Rose Quartz below soil is just starting to flower, however Rose Quartz above soil is the smallest plant of all!

The Control plant and Amethyst above and below soil are very big and healthy but note that both sets of Control plants were set in middle of either the Assorted, or Quartz plants, and could have also picked up energy (positive or not) from the plants one either side.  In the case of the Quartz family, the Control plants were between the Amethyst and did very well.  Did it make a difference, not sure but when you consider that the Control plants for the Assorted did not do so well (their root masses broke apart), it does make a person wonder.

Overall, the below soil Quartz did the best, snuggled up by the roots!  Makes sense when you think that Quartz energy can create resonance in a Quartz movement watch and allow it to keep time consistently (see introductory blog for more details), then why wouldn’t that wonderful Quartz crystal energy have a positive effect on plant growth?

 If you have been doing your own Plant and Crystal experiment, let us know how it’s going!  Drop us at line at [email protected]

See you next week, to learn more about the world of Pendulums!

Have a great week, and ROCK ON!


One of Darren’s prized Moldavite pieces above, and not the one used in the Plant Experiment!

To learn more about Moldavite see book:

MOLDAVITE: Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner

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