Learn all about crystals! No matter what level or how much experience, we offer classes and workshops to suit all needs! 

Crystal Healing Workshops

For those wishing to practice the Art of Crystal Healing, for personal practice, and for those wishing to be of service to others, such as practitioners, the following is suggested:

A Course in Crystal Healing – Level 1 – Level 5 

For information about each Level, click on link here:

To achieve a certificate 5 classes must be taken, along with competition of assignments and practicum. See  Certification for more details.


“Thank you of offering this class!  You did a wonderful job, the course guide and information is extensive.   The extras such as the Crystal Spa’s & Crystal Yoga (meditation) really added to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about crystals and crystal healing.  Thank you Rebecca!”

Linda, Calgary, AB


“The learning environment that Rebecca provides is second to none.  She immediately makes you feel safe, she listens carefully to what you have to say, encourages you to ask questions and trust your own intuition.”

Cheryl Bergeron   Calgary, AB  2013

Crystal Healing Workshops by Crystal Soul-Journ

Contact Rebecca direct for this private workshop.

[email protected] or t/p at 403-804-3552

NEW online Crystals 101

Creative Art Workshops  (Currently not available)

Time for your Inner Child to come out and PLAY! IMG_8562

Build Your Own Spirit Doll

Art in the Park

Crystal Canvas Meditation

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