Angel Card Readings – I believe we all have Angels around us, from our Guardian Angels, to Angels that we can call upon anytime, for any reason (i.e. Angels for protection, for love, for compassion etc.).

I believe Angel card readings are a way to get direct guidance from your Angels, in the most possible tangible way – where cards are like “memos”, these “memos” are interpreted by the reader, and provides you with the guidance you need at the time, but remember you still have free will to choose whatever you like. I must stress, it’s guidance, and as we have free will, we have choice.

I have found Angel Card Readings to be one of the most healing best ways to receive guidance, as “direct from the Source” as it gets!

Many of my clients have reported that the reading confirmed what they “felt in their gut” (a nudge from your Angels), for others they are just amazed at how the “cards” that come forth are so accurate to the topic at hand.

A client just told me the other day “remember when you said I can take that job, but it may not be what you hoped – but it will lead you to the place where you belong – well I’ll never forget those words, as that is exactly what happened!”

Angel card readings are a true gift of communication from the Angels!

Available via phone and Skype..

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