GRID FOR FORT MCMURRAY – Here’s what you can do today

Hello Dear Crystal Friends,

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard or been affected by the life changing forest fires in Fort McMurray Alberta.  It is impossible not to cry when you hear the stories of those brave people who survived this horrid event.

You can do something right here, right now to help out!  As a quick explanation, Crystals are used to amplify positive intention.  Crystal grids can be made with a specific intent in mind, and activated to send that intention to a person or community that needs it.


Today I was guided to put together this grid for CLEARING and LOVE for all those in the Fort McMurray community.  You can join me and increase the effects.

As we unite, our energy builds.  Let’s put our hands together and send more energy to this healing grid for CLEARING and LOVE to all those affected.

Here’s how…




Gently place your hands over this photo, whether on your phone or on your computer screen.

Think about the intention of CLEARING and LOVE.

Allow love to pour from your heart, down your arms, through your hands and into this Crystal Grid.


Allow the energy to flow, and let the Crystals and Universe take it from there.

Thank you in joining along and sharing your love and energy in this time of need.

Please SHARE THIS with everyone you know!

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