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Hand writing the text: Whats Your Legacy?

For those of you ready to move forward please pull out your Vision board and ponder it.  Ask yourself:

What really motivates me?  I mean what sends a tingle through my body, or gets my blood moving, or just plain gets me excited?

 If nothing jumps out at you then practice this:

Focus on one photo.

Think about what your life will look like if you have that thing.  

(Close your eyes an use visualization like athletes do.)

Who is there?  What’s around you?  What does it FEEL like to be standing right there in “it”?

Now go back and go through this process again with the pictures on your Vision board until  you find one that really motivates you.

Think big concept and positive visualization symbol as an ordinary basic sand shape dreaming and imagining greatness as a majestic castle as a metaphor to imagine future potential and success focus in business and life.

To  make the process easier, follow the meditation below, but first you will need:

Meditation space with pillow or chair

Crystals – 4 hematite and a clear Quartz Crystal (tumbled, sphere, or points)

Set meditation space, with 4 hematite comfortably around you – click here for details on setting sacred grid space

Collect pen and paper

Listen too, and follow along with meditation.

Write down when instructed, without judgement, just let the ideas flow out your hand onto the paper.

Last week’s instructional video:

This week’s guided  meditation.

You will want to repeat the process for at least 3 of the items on your Vision board (if not all) to prepare for the next step, released next blog.

Pick the one item that you wish to bring into your life immediately, and take some of the ideas from the meditation (what does it look like in your daily life), and start to apply it. No pressure, no rules like 4 times a week, just try it.

Taking action brings clarity!  

Action Changes Things written on chalkboard

You will learn if you really want to pursue this, how long it will take, how exhausting or exhilarating it is.  This prepares you for the next steps because it’s best to know now if it’s not for you so you don’t become discouraged later.

We encourage you to try a few things on your Vision board, after going through the above process and see what really resonates. Your goals need to be reasonable and achievable, so they must to be practical and the only way to find out is to try it out!  Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time, think of it as “good thing I found this out now, so I can move onto something better suited for me.”

Next blog, be prepared by getting your day-timer out (or whatever device you use for planning) for 2017.






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