Rebecca Fuller    

 “I was sensitive as a child, believing that meant I was not in control of my emotions. Now I use my ‘sensitivity’ in the healing arts.”

My journey started as a child in Ontario, and years later I ended up in Calgary Alberta, where I’ve now been a resident of 28 years. If someone would have told me that in 20 years I’d be on a Spiritual path, working with Crystals and Universal Energy I would have scoffed at such an idea.

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My Beliefs

As with many of us, we all grow up having an issue or two (our “story”) and I believe it’s part of our purpose to become aware of those issues so we can overcome the shadow side of each, and live a happier peaceful, more fulfilling life – a life where we operate out of choice rather than leading a life of constant drama and upset – A life where we take responsibility as opposed to playing the victim role.

My Story, the Beginning

Part of my “story” is that I was adopted into a family of five as a baby, and held the position as the youngest – to which I now treasure. I looked different, was a different body shape, was very sensitive and somehow fundamentally “different” than the rest of my family…. I thought I did not “fit”.

Journey of Healing in the Corporate World

My Journey, my “Soul-Journ” to awareness started through my work, where I attended NTL (National Training Laboratory) where you become aware of your own patterns and reasons why you behave that way, through extensive self-work in groups over a period of a week.  During that time it was amazing to uncover such things about myself, such as having “abandonment issues”, which affected many things in my life, such as self-esteem. I was fortunate enough to attend a number of those sessions, that helped me work through the puzzle pieces of that and other issues that I was not even aware I had.  This was a learn by doing approach, and wow did I learn!

My Crystal Experience

After a while my good friend Abby in Ontario, who I grew up with and had similar background, introduced me to Crystals and their “healing properties”. I had no idea that “a rock” could do such a thing, and was rather skeptical until I experienced this “energy shift” when I had someone work on me — the physical reaction was amazing, never mind all the “information” (awareness) that came forth, all about me, and my part in “it”, meaning “my life”.

Working with Crystals took only one session to uncover each part of the puzzle, where my NTL experiences took a week – I was amazed! Once you discover awareness and how to get there, life changes forever as long as you are committed to the path and the ever changing process. Over the years and doing the “self work” I have come to realize that I not only “fit” in my family, but know I was raised in that family for many reasons – and I’ve been a fundamental part of it, yes “part” of it!

Well I was hooked on Crystals, as I was amazed at their healing power, on more than a physical level, but on the emotional, mental and even spiritual levels (what I call our “aura” – or at least part of it). I found that Crystals act like magnifying glass to show you what is at the root of a problem, typically within one or two sessions, if that is the intent. My good friend Abby then introduced me to Margherita, author of “The Crystal Lotus Handbook”, where I studied over 3 years to become a Crystal Healing Practitioner and Teacher/Facilitator. I now not only practice this, but use other healing Modalities such as Usui Reiki, Angel therapy, and Medium sensing skills to help clients help heal themselves on many different levels.

Other Modalities

Along the way I began doing Angel Card reading for myself, then friends… Next thing you know I was doing them at a wonderful store in Calgary named Soul Food Books Etc. I feel as if Angel card readings are a way to get direct guidance from your Angels, in the most possible tangible way – where cards are like “memos”, that are interpreted by the reader – this provides you with the guidance you need at the time, and still have free will to choose whatever you like. While doing Crystal Healing or Reiki sessions, I naturally call in the Angels, mine, the clients, and other Angels as necessary. Or sometimes I finish a session with an Angel card reading – it still amazes me how it’s always right on with the subject at hand!

By now I figured I was to be of Service, and decided to continue learning new skills. I signed up for Charles Virture and Tina Marie Daly’s Certified Angel Practitioner course, along with their Mediumship course, where I learned how to “listen” to my gifts, which have only enhanced the Healing sessions – amazing how it all comes together once you find your path!

Putting It All Together

I knew as a child that I wanted to teach ( I recall setting up all my Teddy bears as my students), and sure enough the Universe provided me with a job where I was taught skills (i.e. teaching, facilitating, writing training materials etc.) to help me at this time in my life, now so I may help others help themselves. I continue to learn, absorb then teach what I learn to others – I know this is part of my Service work, to share the knowledge!

I have given myself permission to be happy, but this took removing many of the road blocks. First by identifying them with awareness, then working with a skilled facilitator to help me work through those blocks, and finally “let go” of the patterns etc. that no longer served me, and creating new, better serving habits. The key part is the process is accepting responsibility, and sometimes accepting the pain that comes along with what we find, but I can say first hand there is nothing more rewarding than learning how to “heal ourselves, through self awareness, letting go, and then choosing our direction”… This is where I can show you the way!

I offer confidential sessions, in a comfortable environment where you are the center of attention for whatever your healing needs. We discuss intention for the session, and I give you the information you need to make it an amazing “healing experience”, like nothing else you have so far, that I promise! No session is ever the same, it all depends on what you need at the time.

I feel privileged to be of Service, and know that in the Healing Work I facilitate, I am not the healer, but the open Channel for which the Universe can pour it’s Infinite Healing Energy and Wisdom to the person, the client that needs it.

The training I’ve acquired has helped me hone the skills, the gifts that I have been given, and I do feel that we all have unique gifts to offer, its just a matter if we want to pursue them or not – for me, it’s a passion and I love it, as the Universe has helped me be aware, and it’s truly a gift to help others have this awakening as well. I feel honored to help people with their own personal “Crystal Soul-Journ”


ACH – Advanced Crystal Healing  (Margherita)

Usui Reiki Master (Norja V.)

Member of CRA (Canadian Reiki Association)

ACP – Certified Angel Practitioner (Charles Virtue)

AAP – Advanced Angel Practitioner  (Charles Virtue)

Certified Medium (Charles Virtue)

LifeForce Energy Healing Certificate – Earth (Deborah King)

Leadership Skills Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor & Coach (DDI including Coaching & Communication;  Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional – NP)

Professional Elemental Space Clearing Certification (Denise Linn)

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