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Hello Crystal Friends and welcome back!

I dont know about you, but I find the holidays can bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in people.

Not only that but do you feel the energetic shift the world is going through?  Everywhere you turn there is a lot of strife, anxiety, and hurt feelings out there.

Lately it’s like the volume is turned up, and straining many relationships as well.  So what can we do to pull ourselves out of this funk?

We all know we cannot change other people, we can only manage our own life experience and what we get out of it.  So what can you do when someone is getting “under your skin”?   Forgive and /or let go!

I created a “Letting Go” grid instead of calling it a “Forgiveness Grid” for a reason.  Many folks believe that “forgiving” means condoning the others action, and lets face it, sometimes those acts or behaviours hurt us so bad we imagine it impossible to “forgive” and get stuck where we are.  In fact the more we hold onto “it” (whatever “it” is we need to let go) the more it hurts us, as many times others are oblivious!  So lets make it easier, and learn to “let go” of the pain or incident that hurt us.  But how?  With the Letting Go grid.


So how do grids work, and where do you start?

We have learned from previous posts that Crystals have energy, and work well when “on the person”, as that infrared energy reciprocates back and forth and penetrates into the body.  With a grid, Crystals they are not “on the person”, so then how does a grid work?

I have found that grids with a set intent, act as a gentle continual flow of energy to you, the person or situation.   Remember everything in the Spiritual world comes down to intent, and with Crystals that means directing their energy to help us, with our intent.   While Crystals “on the person” may be more powerful or intense in the moment due to infrared energy back and forth, a grid with set intent sends a one-way flow of energy, gently and continually until taken apart.

So where do  you start?

I found it beneficial to have an image, whether it’s geometry or an image.  In this case the bird represents taking “it” off our shoulders, and flying away far from our body.  You don’t have to have an image, but as I am a visual person, I find it helps raise my intent to make it so.

Then choose the Crystals appropriate for your intent.   You can Google “metaphysical meaning of Crystals” or use books like The Crystal Bible (Judy Hall) to help you find the right ones.  The Crystals used in this grid are Green Calcite, Apatite (as they all relate to letting go) and of course 4 Hematite to set the grid space.   Follow the Rock Rules, and be sure to cleanse the Crystals first!  Then move onto intent.

It’s up to you how long you wish to keep the grid together.  Maybe it’s for a day for a special event (ex. Confidence grid needed for a big presentation you need to make), or if you need it longer, then keep it together as long as needed, but be sure to cleanse those Crystals when you do not feel it’s working anymore.  After cleansing you can reset the grid and have it work again for you.

Experience has shown me time and time again, that everything in the Spirit world comes down to intent.  Yes it ties into “The Law of Attraction” so if you continue to think and ponder “it”, then more of “it” you will get.  It’s natural law.  Hence why it’s so important to learn to Let Go of “it” so “it” stops tormenting you, and taking up space in your head.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help from the Universe via natural Crystal energy and intent.

So let’s set the intent and change this once and for all in those areas of your life that you’re holding onto, that no longer serve you, to allow more peace in your life.


In focusing on the Letting Go grid,  I’d like to share how I have found this useful in a recent situation.   Please know that what I’m about to share has been a lifelong journey on speaking my truth, as things recently came to a head, meaning I had enough of the same patterns repeating, so as part of my letting go process, I put this grid together.

Each person’s experience will be different depending on how deep the situation is, and how far you wish to go.  For me it was time to break the lifelong cycle, and get on with my life, so my experience was quite intense. 

The grid was amazing in how it worked.  I felt as if the pain was taken from my heart, and held at a distance, so I could see things more clearly, and helped me decide what was truly right in this situation instead of having the typical “emotional reaction”.  My decisions were based on facts and the feelings they created, not just feelings.  Holding emotions at a distance was key to make an informed decision!  My decision was to take action.

 I’m working on being an authentic person and speaking my truth, meaning part of my letting go process was letting the person know that they had hurt me (giving specifics) instead of sweeping it under the carpet and pretending all was fine like I had in the past to “keep the peace”.  In the past really who was I fooling?  By not honouring self I was not at peace and really what good does that do for anyone in my life, as those close to me would feel that affect?  Of course when we are authentic and speak our truth, not everyone likes it, and would rather go on pretending all is well.  But for me it was them or me, and as I live in this skin 24/7, I had to make a choice.  No more internalizing!

The next part was huge, deciding what to do next.  In this case it was a matter of setting very firm boundaries and not enable destructive behaviours to continue.  While others may accept “it” (hurtful behaviour), I decided it was time to hold the person accountable for their actions and not allow myself to be hurt by these kinds of behaviours anymore.   The response confirmed I had done the right thing for my own Spiritual self-preservation and mental health!  Time to stop the insanity and not allow it in my life anymore.

What really hit me is that all these years I had been enabling the behaviour to continue by not addressing it.  I had to face and take responsibility for my part in it, and that meant dealing with it straight on.  The very essence of the healing work I do is all about taking personal responsibility for our lives, and this was no different.  Ouch, but once the bandaid was removed true healing on my behalf began.

I will say this huge life lesson has not been an easy process at all!  Letting go, growing, and learning sometimes does come with “growing pains”, but I’ve also learned that if we don’t step up and learn the lesson in front of us, it gets louder and more challenging next time.  So from now on, I will use this grid to help me gain strength and let go, so I can take my power back and focus on the service work ahead, instead of being drawn into others dramas.  I find those folks with lots of drama and victim mentality like living there (or refuse to take responsibility as it’s much easier to blame others) and if that suits them fine, who am I to judge?  But that doesn’t mean I have to be a part of it and condone it either.

So what do you need to let go of?  Maybe its something that happened yesterday, maybe it was the guy in traffic who cut you off, or maybe it’s something big like I shared above?

Think about this. What can you learn about yourself, your inner strength, and your integrity to yourself by simply “letting go”?   Well you won’t know until you try it.

You can build your own grid, as remember intention is where it’s at.   If that sounds too complicated we also have put together some pre-made grids for you, template, crystals and instructions included… all you need to do is obtain one then put it into action.

Topics include:

Letting Go



Attract Romance

Instill Confidence

Know we can also tailor a specific grid just for you!

If you’re interested please contact Rebecca at [email protected] for more information.

Be kind to yourself.  Learn to “Let Go” with the aid of Crystal grid so you can spend more time on the things that are truly important to you.

Send us your questions, comments or suggested Blog topics to [email protected].  We would love to hear from you!

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