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Welcome back!

I hope you are enjoying the summer and getting as much fresh air as possible.

I’d like to share a story with you, and it shows how it pays to carry a rock in your pocket, for whatever intention you need that day, and the unexpected!  It was last Thursday when I made my way to the Post Office, with a Lode Stone in my pocket as usual.

Aaahhh, the dreaded trip to the Post Office, I mean the reputation and all, the line ups, no matter what time of day you go right?  Well this day was different.

No line up and I went right up to the counter where I met Michelle, a pleasant lady, and we engaged in conversation.  Well didn’t I have the wrong postal code on the package, so went fumbling through my phone address book, and made a comment about my fat fingers getting in the way, lol.  She disappeared and came from the back with a nifty little screen pen, that attaches to the phone, and she gave it me!  What, she’s giving it to me, really?  How sweet, such a helpful little tool, and Michelle grinned from ear to ear, as I happily accepted.

Well of course I felt the need to reciprocate, so reached into my pocket, and offered her my Lode Stone.  After hearing what some of her customers are like, I felt it was the perfect gift for her, to help protect her from others energies.   I shared how to cleanse it, place intent , and give gratitude.  Well before you knew it, we were embracing with a hug of gratitude, from heart to heart.  I know she certainly made my day, so I hoped my gesture did the same for her, which it obviously did.

In reality who goes to the Post Office these days and ends up hugging their Postal Person?   I never thought it would happen to me, but Michelle taught me a lesson that day in the power of giving, and the chain reaction it can create.    See how many lives can be touched by one simple gesture.  Thank you Michelle!

So next time I go to the post office, or see a cashier who’s having a “day”, I’m going to be the first to reach out with a Lode Stone (time to carry  more than just 1), and share some of the goodness that Michelle shared with me last Thursday, in the form of a Lode Stone.  Maybe that gesture will not only protect that person from nasty energies, but also set them off to pay “the power of giving” forward.

What Rock’s in your pocket?

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Gosh it’s August already!

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Thanks for stopping by and note that for July and August we are going to be only posting a few times so you can be outside enjoying the weather with your loved ones!

Happy Summer, and we will be back in a few weeks with more about Crystals.

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