Service Rates – Remote 

Crystal healing session – $160.00.00+ GST (90-120 minutes, including 1 hour table or on your bed time. Crystals, Reiki & Coaching in one package!)

Reiki session  (60 minutes on your table or bed, and allow additional 20 – 30 minutes to set intention consult & coaching on outcome of session etc.) – $130.00 + GST

Angel Card Reading – 30 min – $65 + GST    60 min – $120.00 + GST

NEW – Chakra cleanse and balance – 60 minutes (includes Crystals  and Reiki)  $130.00 & GST

Email follow up, and or photos are provided (ex. of layout or cards) depending on service.

NEW CONSULTING PACKAGES available through  Click here to go to quotation page.

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Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice required for cancellation of session, or full price will be charged for services.

Minimum 2 weeks notice cancellation for Workshop, or deposit will be withheld.

Note: Sessions are one on one, private and confidential.


Crystal  Healing  Workshops

(Contact [email protected]  to register)

Crystal Soul-Journ Workshop options:

5 days $1997.00 & GST ($500 deposit required)

Payment Options


Level 6 (1 day) @ $333 + GST  introductory price, regular $400 & GST ($100 deposit required)


NEW 2 day Crystal Workshop @ $300 a day = $600 & GST ($150 deposit required)

Payment Options

GST # 81494 8246 RT0001

Methods of Payment

Pay Pal


Cash  or  Cheque payable to Crystal Soul-Journ

Email Transfer to [email protected] (text Rebecca at 403-804-3552 with the password)

Square (in person or over phone) Visa , MasterCard, American Express

Beginner Classes

Custom 3 hours – contact for quote (price depends on # of participants, minimum 2)

Contact [email protected]  to register for any custom workshops, or the 5 day A Course in Crystal Healing.

Once confirmed, payment can be made.

Creative Art Workshop (2 participant requirement)

Build Your Own Spirit Doll class – $100.00 & GST

Crystal Canvas Meditation – $80.00 & GST

Build a Vision Board – $50 & GST

Art in the Park class – $100.00 & GST  (contact Rebecca direct at [email protected])

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