“Embrace your Brilliance! Let Crystals illuminate your path.”

I believe we have subtle bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional) around us, and these bodies along with our physical bodies, can have “dis-ease” on any level. Crystals can aid in the journey to release whatever it is, on whatever level, so we can then embrace our brilliance, and live the lives we were meant to live! This is of course a process takes personal work (i.e. journaling, deep breathing, affirmations…) and typically a few sessions to help us reach this point – it’s different for each person of course, as we all are so unique.

Crystals can be used on the physical level, for example to ease the pain of a tooth ache. Hold a piece of aquamarine crystal to skin (tumbled or raw), around sore area of mouth. Ask for it to draw out the pain. Or try carrying a piece with you with the same intent.

Crystals can also be used on an emotional level, to help us bring forward, then release whatever issues are at the root of what is ailing us. Perhaps it’s about letting go of anger, or forgiveness to give you a few examples.

Crystals can help on a mental level by helping to identify patterns that do not serve us, so we can release them, and bring in new better serving patterns to help us, live and embrace our brilliance.

Crystals can be used on a spiritual level, by perhaps removing blocks in the chakras that are not allowing energy to flow freely.

You can read my Biography to give you an idea of how Crystals have changed my life and how they brought me awareness, the first step in changing anything. I now look back at how the process unfolded, one puzzle piece at a time, and am amazed how they still continue to enlighten my path.


I have watched clients grow from a place of “unconsciousness”, meaning unaware of their patterns or what’s been holding them back from moving forward, and seen them sprout from awareness to letting go, then setting new intentions and ways of living. One client shed her “cloak of family issues” and finally set them free. Since that time she has stepped into her confidence (sometimes stepping back, only to move forward again), and opened up her own business, blowing those obstacles out of the way as she goes. I asked her the other day what’s changed and why, and she commented “you know, it’s been since I’ve been on my “Soul-Journ” that life has changed so much, I never really thought about it until you asked. ” We then had a good chat how life-changing awareness is, as long as you are committed to the healing process, and your part in it.

If you have areas in your life that just are not working, I invite you to open yourself up, and let’s explore together so we can remove what is holding you back from life – better yet, let the crystals lead the way. “Embrace your Brilliance! Let Crystals illuminate your path.”

Crystal Healing is available Remote, and can be included in consulting packages.

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