Happy New Year Crystal Friends!

Did you enjoy the festivities of the holiday season?  Recovered now, and is life kind of getting back to “normal”?

For many of us, New Years resolutions were set.  How is that working for you so far?

high-angle shot of a pencil and a notebook with some new years resolutions written in it, such as exercise, get fit, eat healthy, save money, smile, enjoy life or be happy, on a rustic wooden surface

Personally I gave up on making those years ago and took a different approach, as I found it did not take me long to lose my motivation and go back to old habits; year after year after year after year…

In my corporate career I was fortunate enough to be certified to teach Dr. Stephen Covey “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.  Not sure if many of you are old enough to remember the buzz about that, but I have to admit his course truly changed my life for the better, and I’d like to share some of that wisdom with you in a few bits and bites over the next few blogs, including a twist to that knowledge that I’ve found useful, as have others.

In fact, as the title suggests, “INSIDE THE CRYSTAL & BEYOND…New Beginnings (1)“, we (Darren and myself Rebecca) decided we would mix up Crystal knowledge with a variety of real life teachings, including our life experiences and wisdom.  Our blogs will always contain a Crystal component, even if it’s the just a thought or tip to share (see CRYSTAL TIP below).  In this series we’ve included courtesy meditations that include Crystals to help amplify your experience.

This blog will also give you a glimpse of the type of skills used in my consulting practice “” (currently under construction) where I will be offering consulting packages with the variety of corporate and metaphysical skills combined, depending on your individual needs.  But in the meantime back to today’s topic.

I’m about to share one “Habit” from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in this blog that is very timely with the new year, and setting resolutions that can really work for you.

But first, are you ready to look at things differently?  Big picture, I mean really big, lifetime big.

Blackboard Drawing Creative Imagination Idea Concept

It’s by doing this, you can then figure out what is really important to you, then you can start to break those items down into manageable pieces into your life to make them are reality.  So where to we start?

Habit #2 is called “Begin with the End in Mind” by Dr. Stephen Covey.

This habit is a process of looking at your life, big picture and writing a mission statement (formal summary about your aims and values) for your life. The first step is thinking about what legacy you wish to leave but lets face it for most of us, this is a daunting task for many reasons.  Many of us don’t have great writing skills, or know how to articulate what we really want, because we may not even know what we want, we just live life one day at a time letting it toss us around like a ship on the ocean without sails or a compass.

How can we begin to write a mission statement for our life when we are in this state or have no time or desire to put energy into that?

I’ve seen many people struggle over this and get stuck, and thought to myself there has to be a different way for those who learn and do life differently, then it hit me, a Vision Board!  What better way to spark creativity than by having fun!  Really the intent is the same, but using a different modality than paper and pen.  This helps us visual people tremendously, and takes away any concerns about finding the right words.

I don’t know about you, but yes a picture is worth a thousand words!  Sometimes a picture might even be better than something you could think of, so why not reuse what most of us have, either old magazines, calendars and catalogues etc.?

The excitement builds as you cut out a stack of photos you like, then after that part you can decide what is really important, and use those pictures in your Vision Board.  Don’t worry about the “how” or think “this could never happen to me”, just go with the flow and dream big!

This process itself does something important,  it activates the Law of Attraction, signalling the Universe what you want in your life, so the Universe can conspire to co-create with you.

To keep the energy attracting and signalling, post your Vision Board so you can see it daily, then think about how it will feel to have those things in your life (ex. good health, loving relationships, nice home etc.).  This will help draw it to you and is your part in the co-creation process.

IMG_8566First step identifying what you want, and what legacy you wish to leave.

Next taking action.  (Details in future blogs.)

Due to the importance of setting and living your life on purpose, we created a class called “What’s Your Vision, Board?”, as we found that people need a push and a bit of direction to get started.  Click here for more details.


OR do it yourself!  How you ask?

Tools needed:

  • Bristol board or some large type of poster board
  • Magazines (of every variety, from travel brochures, culinary delights, wedding dresses, sports, health…)
  • Scissors;  Glue stick or white glue or tape;
  • Computer / printer (to print off images, maybe from google images)
  • Crystals – 4 Hematite (to set your meditation space – click here for more details) ;   Clear Quartz Crystal (can be tumbled, a sphere, or a point)
  • Meditation space (4 hematites around the pillow or chair you will sit on)
  • Meditation (below) recording
  • Pen & paper
  • Most importantly, an open mind!


The Process:

  • Set up table or working space with magazines, poster board, scissors, glue sticks…
  • Set up meditation space (best to use Crystals to amplify the experience) & have paper & pen
  • Get comfortable in meditation space, listen and follow guided meditation (below)
  • Take your clear Quartz Crystal and hold it in your hands, one or the other, or hold to your third eye – follow your intuition and what feels best for you
  • Once that is over, take any notes you’ve made over to the table
  • Start flipping through magazines or google images on some of the topics you wrote about, and cutting out pictures
  • Once you have a pile, go through them and choose which ones you aspire to have in your life
  • Paste or tape the photos to your board in whatever way (random or organized) you like


Here are your guided meditations:

New Beginning Series V1


New Beginnings Series V2

Congratulations for taking your first step in preparing for your future!

Blog 2 in this 3 part series will be about what motivates you on that Vision Board of yours?  So start thinking about what gets you the most motivated and we will focus on that next time.

Blog 3 prepare  to grab your day-timer and start to plug in some of these activities into your life to make them a reality.

The next series will include incorporating both Crystals and essential oils as tools, to support your vision and goals.  We will share real life goals with topics such as weight loss, abundance, and many more.   In fact, drop us a line and tell us what topics you would like to see at [email protected] thank you!

But to not stress, this is a process and takes time to get it the way that really resonates with you, so take the next 2 weeks and get working on your Vision board, think BIG, use the meditation to get you started, and most importantly, have fun!






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