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So far Rebecca has shared 3 of her key Crystal tools that she personally uses all the time, and the Pendulum is no different.


“The great thing is that Pendulums can be used for many purposes, and I’m sure there are a variety of ways to use Pendulums beyond what I’m about to share.  If you have a method that is working for you, then by all means keep doing that.” Rebecca

Watch the video below to listen now:

Very interesting indeed, and gee the possibilities are endless!

In summary here are a few things to remember about using Pendulums for daily use.

Treat them with respect, not as a toy but a tool.

As with any tool, cleanse before and after use.

Send some time with your Pendulum, as with anything a relationship requires time, nurturing and respect.

Place intent starting with “For the Highest of Guidance and best interests of all” (in your own words).

Use dominant hand, hold with thumb and middle finger (not index, that is the finger representing the ego mind) then ask…

“Please show me Yes.”  Watch to see how the Pendulum moves.  Thank it.

Ask “Please show me No.” Watch and remember movement.  Thank it.

The same with “No Answer” (Somethings we are just not meant to know!).

Cardinal Rule:  Ask for NEED not for GREED!

Ask close ended questions (that require yes or no), and one at a time.

Gratitude after each question and answer.

Remember this is guidance, and not meant to live your life by!  Use your free will in combination with guidance for a sound balanced decisions.

Heilpendel, Esoterik

Sample questions you can ask:

Is my name (insert name here)?

Would this Crystal be good for my (insert ailment here)?

Would this vitamin be good for me?

This brand of vitamin good for me?

Is cherry juice good for my stomach?

Would this be a good Crystal for my friend (insert name here)?


It may take time to get your Pendulum to move or swing bigger, or it may remain small movements.  It does not matter as long as you understand what is yes, no and no answer.

When purchasing, try a few out to see what one you connect with.  Remember it might be a wooden one that works the best, or even your necklace Pendant, or you ring on a necklace.

Enjoy getting to know your Pendulum and remember once again, like any tool it is meant as that, a higher information source that offers guidance to aid in your decision making and is not the one and only source to make those decisions by.  Remember we have freewill, so use both in making balanced decisions.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with Pendulums please email at [email protected].

Thanks for stopping by and next week will be the final tool that Rebecca shares from her Crystal Survival Tool Kit. Stay tuned!

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