Is it okay to be awake, have my eyes open during a session?

It’s totally up to you. Some like to lay quiet and have their own experience, while others like to share what they see, feel etc. during the session. If you ever experience discomfort, I strongly encourage you to move, or notify me (if live Skype) so I can help move it out of your body. We always talk about the session afterwards, so you can certainly share your experiences after if you wish to lay back and go on your own journey.

Is it possible to have a physical reaction, like an upset stomach after?

Yes it can happen, however I find it’s rare. You are however encouraged to drink lots of water for at least 24 hours after a session because we have stirred things up on the subtle energy level which can have a direct effect on your organs etc. Just like when you have a massage, you need to drink water after to flush the toxins, same principles apply here. If you have a physical reaction, you can take it as “the process is working, as something certainly has been shifted, and I encourage if you feel nauseous, don’t hold it back, it’s your bodies way of purging. Please know it’s rare, however if you’re intent is to clear your body of negative energy, anger for example, it make take form in a physical manner.

How often how do I know it’s working after I have a Crystal Healing session?

Energy work typically is very subtle, however I have also experienced times where I felt like arrows of negativity were being pulled from my heart (during the session). I’ve felt things shift while being on the table, or suddenly have a sharp pain appear, then dissipate… but that is all “on the table” type of experiences. Afterwards many different things can happen, depending on the intent of the session and how “deep” you may want to go into an issue. For some you might start to dream more (and I encourage to keep a dream journal to see if there are any message in there), others may have and “ah-ha” moment or many if you do the work and continue with the process (this might look like journaling, or meditating or deep breathing exercises). One of the biggest responses I get when I ask ‘so how is that pain now?” and many times I hear “oh I forgot all about it”, so really it all depends on your intent of the session and how your body reacts.


How often am I supposed to have a session?

Some people just need a touch up every once and a while, say annually, others need more hence why we now offer consulting packages where frequency is dependent upon your life situation at hand.

It’s a process, and different for everyone.

Do I have to purchase a bunch of sessions at once?

No, it all depends on what you wish to achieve, a touch up, or a look at changing the areas in your life that are no longer working etc.

What kind of information to you “get” and how do you “get” it?

First of all I always ask the Universe and Angels to bring me the guidance you need, with the highest intention for all, then I listen. I use a beautiful Citrine point, known as a channel crystal to help draw the Angels towards us, and help me to channel the information better. If I’m doing an Angel card reading the message is part in the cards but also by tuning into my intuition and by using the mediumship sensing skills I’ve honed through learning and using them through my Teachers (Charles Virtue & Tina Marie Daly) . Whether a person is on my table for a healing session or a reading it about learning not to question what you receive, whether it be a fleeting thought, a feeling, words that just come out, or an overall sense of knowing without knowing why… and to let it flow without judgment. When a person is on the table, I may “feel” where their pain is or where I need to work, and sometimes I just “know” to go to a certain area to focus. The type of information depends on the person’s intent, and sometimes the Universe has an intent of its own, meaning you will receive exactly what you are supposed to receive.

How does an Angel Card reading work?

You give me a topic of interest (i.e. love life, career, health), and then I follow the steps above. When doing Angel card readings I tend to get message by just “knowing”, the words just come to me and I don’t question it – it’s not my place to decipher what to tell you and what to hold back, so I give it to you as I get it. Other times I close my eyes are receive images. In some cases I get very strong vibrations through my body, or in an area of my body to perhaps give you a clue as to have something checked out, or perhaps it’s a sign of a past injury. This is where discussing what comes up is very helpful as I’m not a “mind reader” meaning I know everything about you, or can “predict” your future… I simply open up to be a channel for the Angels to pass along their guidance to you.


Can I ask for the lotto numbers in an Angel card reading?

You can ask, but there is a standard rule for which I live by and that is “Ask for need, not for greed.” If you ask such questions, I have found the Angels don’t take you seriously and dish out unrelated cards etc., as I believe part of their purpose is to be here for life guidance. That’s not to say you can’t ask for their help – nothing makes them happier, but remember to ask with a pure heart, and the guidance you need will follow.

Are your sessions like a prescribed 12 step program?

No, every session is tailored to your individual needs. No client, no session is ever the same.

Can I stop anytime?

Absolutely! The only commitment you make is for the session you book.

How does long distance healing and or Angel Card reading work?

The Universe does not assign time and distance, it’s our human realm that does, so once again it boils down to having a clear intent, and a clear direction (meaning specific person) for which the healing is to be received. The only thing that is missing when I do a long distance session (whether it be Crystal work, Reiki, Angel Card reading, or Automatic Writing) is the person in front of me. I communicate with the person prior, then use a tray or prop of sorts (as if by proxy) as them as for the session, then we communicate all that occurred during the session afterwards, and decide on next steps if necessary.

Do you have a question for Rebecca?

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