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This week we continue the journey into Rebecca’s personal Crystal Survival Kit as she unveils tool #3, the beautiful Hematite!  

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“In my opinion this is another essential Crystal Tool that anyone who wishes to work with Crystals in any capacity, should have.  Whether you work on others in any Energy Modality, or meditate yourself (with or without crystals), Hematite is a must!”   Rebecca

Why is Hematite so vital?  It sets a Sacred Space for you, a dedicated space for whatever sacred activity you are about to begin, such as:

* Personal mediation


* Setting up a healing grid


* Any kind of Energy Work with person  (lay it around the healing table)


Note that some people may have an adverse reaction (very rare), however it a person does not feel comfortable, take them away.

An exercise to try out for yourself (and anyone you use them on) is to first place all 4 Hematite close to you. Close your eyes, ground yourself, and notice (even if nothing, notice)

Next move all 4 Hematite further away from you.  Close your eyes, ground yourself and notice.  Does this make you feel better or worse?  Spacious or crowded? Which is more comfortable for you?

Remember there is not “One Size Fits All” when it comes to Crystals so follow what feels best.


Many use Hematite for grounding.  While it’s not always easy to find a beautiful tree to connect with while living in the city, or working at your desk, so use the next best thing, Hematite.

Hematite contains iron oxide and is from the Earth itself (no surprise there), and even magnetic Hematite (once reconstituted it can be magnetized) works at “balancing the polarities of ones’s entire energy field and realigning anything that may be malfunctioning” according to Robert Simmons (The Book of Stones, page 191) .   He suggests sitting with one is each hand and let it do it’s balancing to your energetic field.

So beyond grounding us, it helps to balance our energetic field.  How awesome is that?

Abstract Earth with magnetic fields

Abstract Earth with magnetic fields

Protection is another use for Hematite, and you can envision it creating that field around you as illustrated above.

Rebecca prefers Lode Stones for protection (still within the Hematite family), but many use Hematite. Once again, try it for yourself and see what works for you.

“I also use Hematite with any clients that have poor blood circulation.”  says Rebecca. “It gets that blood flowing, and warms up those fingers and toes.”

  Even the word Hematite comes from the Greek word for blood*.   Hematite also aids in blood conditions like anemia.**  (Remember this information is not meant to replace conventional medicine, and is used as an aid or tool.)  However a word of caution here, never use it for very long if a person has inflammation, and use in small periods of time only.**

Now you can see why Rebecca has chosen this Crystal as one of her top 5 Crystal Survival Kit Tools!

What else do you use Hematite for? 

Drop us a line and share at [email protected]

Stay tuned for next week’s topic all about the Pendulum!

All content Copyright 2016


* Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian  The Book of Stones  (page 189)

** Judy Hall  The Crystal Bible (page 141)

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