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Finally “Inside the Crystal” Blog  Chapter 1, starting where else but the basics!  

I will share “Wisdom Bit’s n Bites” starting with the topic of this site, Crystals.  A very important topic to begin with is how do Crystals work.

Many people ask me about this thing called “Crystal Energy” and if it really exists.  Perhaps you think of Crystals as just “pretty little rocks” that are just that.   Well consider this, just because we don’t “see it” doesn’t mean it’s not real. Can you see radio waves? Wifi? What about the “Quartz movement watch, there is quartz in there so how does that work?

Collection of old wooden radios exposed and stacked one on the other

Radio’s have been used for decades, can’t see it, but you can hear evidence of it.

In a watch the battery is what generates the electric current into a tiny tuning fork with quartz crystal attached to it. When the energy enters the turning fork, quartz energy bends and resonates back and forth (known as a Hz Hertz – takes 1 Hz to move the second hand) and keeps it going at a constant pace that we can rely on for accuracy.*1

Crystals also contain what we will call a Matrix. Think of it as a bunch of lattice work fences lined up, each crystal having a different “design or blend of lattice work fences lined up.” The energy finds a path through the “holes” in the fence or matrix.

When we come in contact with a crystal we are the battery! Our heart is said to be measured at 2Hz, our skin radiates thermal radiation off its surface at approximate frequency up to 1000Hz. *2 Different parts of the body generate different frequencies, but regardless the point being if a battery is what “sparks” the quartz to resonate energy, then why would we not consider ourselves to have a similar effect? What we need to learn, is how to direct that energy, namely with intention.

Rocks and Crystals also have similar properties as we do, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium… only rocks and Crystals vibrate at a much slower pace.  When we touch a Crystal, remember we are the catalyst or spark to activate it’s properties and can direct it through intention.  The energy exchange might be like what you “feel” when someone steps too close to you into “your space”. You have the same interchange with a rock or Crystal, but not all are “sensitive” to feel it, while others are fortunate to feel it, regardless that energy exchange still occurs.  Just like we do not see radio waves, we know they are still there.

Before we go any further there are 3 imperative things we need to know if we plan to bring or use crystals in our life.   Most people don’t do this as they are not aware, so let’s get aware and start treating those beautiful artworks from Nature with care and respect.

Whether we already have some tumbled rocks or crystals around, or are just purchasing for the first time, think about what we just learned above, energy moves along the energy matrix, but can also collect energy. Hhhhmmm, think about the postal system or freight, think about how many people handled them… We best cleanse these, first the outside (use mild soap and water on most crystals – quartz family is fine, avoid water with soft crystals like selenite), then lets get to the energetic level!  To learn more, click the link below to get your FREE Resource Guide with the 3 Must-Know ROCK RULES!  You will also be given an option to subscribe to our bi-monthly mail out, to keep up to date with what’s happening, and interesting tidbits about Crystals.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog all about Crystals and your Garden!


Resources links:

*1   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz_clock

*2 https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/the-frequency-of-the-human-body-is.231156/

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