The first Crystal I’m about to share is all about protection!   Look at that little chick buried underneath Mother Hen’s arm, how nice to feel that safe again!
While it’s impossible to walk around with that big wing of protection, I have found a Crystal that does exactly that for me, the amazing Lodestone!
2016-05-15 08.43.33
Lodestone with rusty pock marks
Notice the pock marks, rusty in colour.  This is how you can determine if it’s a Lodestone or a Hematite, as those are typically smooth and shinny.  See the difference in the photo below.
2016-05-15 08.44.14
Hematite, shinny and black, very smooth.
Please watch as I talk about it in person:


One other thing worth mentioning about Lodestone is how it acts as a protective shield around you.

Think about the earth and the shield that protects Mother Earth.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so look at this photo, then visualize that by carrying a Lodestone with you, it is putting that same shield around you.

Abstract Earth with magnetic fields

Abstract Earth with magnetic fields

Use Lodestones when:

  • Going into a tough meeting
  •  Meeting up for lunch with that friend or relative who is an “Energy Vampire” and leave you feeling drained after!
  • Travelling on a plane, train or any form of public transportation.
  • Negotiations
  • Daily – just try it, then try it without and see if you notice the difference.


Energy Vampire
Now you can see what those “Energy Vampires” are doing to you!
 Remember the rock rules!

Cleanse, intent and gratitude. 

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What Crystals do you use for protection?  
Drop me a line at the email below, as I’d love to hear from you.
Next week is all about the amazing Kunzite! 
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