INSIDE THE CRYSTAL – Plant Experiment Week 4

Finally the time has arrived to check the results after 1 month, known as phase 1 of the Tomato and Crystal experiment.  Darren will now measure each plant and record and share the results with you in the following video links.

Crystals & Plants & fertilizer considerations W4V1
Crystals & Plants Phase 1 Results W4V2

So in summary Phase 1

Quartz Family Results
Greatest weight gain Rutilated above soil
Weakest weight gain Clear Quartz above soil
Greatest dimensions overall LxWxH
Citrine below soil
Weakest dimensions overall LxWxH
Rutilated above soil
Note although Rutilated Quartz was the smallest of the plants it gained the most density becoming a much better plant.
Assorted Crystals
Greatest weight gain Molevite above soil
Weakest weight gain Moonstone below soil
Greatest dimensions overall LxWxH
Kunzite above soil
Weakest dimensions overall LxWxH
Kunzite below soil
Note Kunzite’s response to flourishing above soil rather than below soil.  
Top 5 Plants Phase 1 – Overall Dimension
1) Kunzite above soil
2) Moldavite above soil
3) Citrine below soil
4) Blue Kyanite below soil
5) Rutilated Quartz below soil
Note that the top 2 are high vibration Crystals and loved having their energy flow as opposed to snug in the ground.


Next week we are going to take a look inside Rebecca’s Personal Crystal Survival Kit, Tool #1 of 5, starting with her most basic, Lodestone.  Be sure to follow along as Rebecca takes you through a 5 week series explaining each tool in more detail, how and why to use them.

Get your your copy of the free Resource Guide,  Top 5 Crystal Survival Tools by clicking on the link Top 5 Crystal Survival Tools.  Be sure to check your email for the PDF of the Resource Guide, then confirm your subscription to ensure you follow along as Rebecca continues to share the remaining Crystal Survival Tools in weeks to come.  This information will help you incorporate Crystals into your daily life, like adding Crystals to a Plant to aid in growth… who knew?

2016-05-15 08.44.40

2016-05-15 08.42.59Lodestone is in the Hematite family, so how do you know the difference?   Notice that Lodestones (left) have little rusty pock marks, as if scarred on it’s face.  Maybe from taking in all that yucky energy it’s helping protect us against, it leaves a scar, or maybe it’s where the energy enters, who knows?  Regardless it’s a good way to remember the difference.

Notice Hematite to the right and how it’s smooth and shinny.

Remember to stay tuned for next week to learn what Lodestone can do for you, and how to use it.

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