Learn all about crystals! No matter what level or how much experience, we offer classes and workshops to suit all needs!

Crystal Classes

Personalized Beginner Crystal Classes 




Crystal Healing Workshops 

For those wishing to practice the Art of Crystal Healing, for personal practice, and for those wishing to be of service to others, such as practitioners, the following is suggested:

Crystal Healing – Level 1 – Level 5

To achieve a certificate 5 classes must be taken, along with competition of assignments and practicum.

See Certificates page for details.


2 Day Crystal Basics for Daily Living 

 Crystal Class Beginner Courses

 Crystal Healing Workshops

Information about Certificates

Exciting Creative Art Workshops

Time for your Inner Child to come out and PLAY!

Build Your Own Spirit Doll   IMG_5830

Vision Board

Art in the Park

Crystal Canvas Meditation

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