Preparing for your Crystal / Reiki Session:


  • Wear comfortable clothing (no clothing to be removed)
  • Do not eat a heavy meal prior – light meal ok
  • Do not drink fluids in excess a few hours prior to session as you may be on the table for a while
  • Jewelry to be removed during session, so wear little as possible (removes interference from other crystals or metals during session)
  • Bring any questions you have with you
  • Advise if you have pet allergies please
  • Confirm address and phone number for session location
  • Think about what you want to achieve during the session – i.e. is it to address back pain, sadness, anger you can’t let go of, aid in getting a peaceful nights sleep, etc. Intent can be from anything emotional, habitual, to physical ailments. We can discuss this further when you arrive.

What to expect for a Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki Session or Sphere Massage:

  • Come in, relax in meditation space over a wee cup of tea or water, and discuss intent of the session
  • First session will require a general assessment – things you feel I should know about you before beginning
  • Discuss the importance of accepting personal responsibility for what may arise in a session. Only YOU can change your life and Crystals and I can help give you the steps to get there (for Crystal Healing, and Reiki sessions only)
  • Relax in comfortable healing room on massage table, face up, covered in warm blankets. Face down for Sphere Massage.
  • Table time is 60 minutes, so remember to limit caffeine and lots of fluids a few hours prior to your session
  • Debrief session after in meditation space over water or tea
  • Plans of action are discussed depending on session outcome (for Crystal Healing and Reiki only)

Link contact to arrange a session

Preparing for your Angel Card Reading

  • Face to face – link contact to book a time
  • For long distance, link contact to book a time, then decide on length of time (30 or 60 minutes), and subject (s) requiring attention (i.e. love life, finances…)
  • Await confirmation for reading time, then proceed to Pay Pal (for long distance reading)
  • The results will be emailed to you, along with a photo of the cards that surfaced (for long distance reading)

Preparing for your Long Distance “Automatic Writing” (mediumship) Reading

  • Link contact to book a session
  • Await confirmation, then proceed to Pay Pal
  • You will be required to state your name and birth date along with deceased loved ones name and birth date prior to reading
  • What ever is written during the process will be emailed to you directly, within 48 hours

Preparing for your Long Distance Healing Session

  • Link contact to arrange a session.
  • Await confirmation, then proceed to Pay Pal
  • Once details and time are confirmed proceed to do the following:
  • IMG_4739
  • Find a comfortable, private place to lay down and relax
  • Focus on breathing pattern, be slow, deep and ensure full exhalation and inhalation is taking place (youshould be able to feel your belly going up and down)
  • Be open and ready to receive
  • Be aware of any visions, thoughts, symbols, memories etc. that may arise
  • Allow allotted time to pass, then contact will be made as previously arranged to discuss experiences from both giver and receiver. You can request a written response of the experience if you prefer vs a phone call for the session follow-up.



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