2 Day Workshop Crystal Basics for Daily Living

Not quite sure what to do with your crystals?  Carry them, sleep with them on your pillow, place them in certain areas of your house?  This course is for you!

Gather 2 or more people together and register your private class!

Learn how to incorporate crystals into your daily life in a variety of ways, such as:

How to choose the right crystalIMG_4381

How to care for your crystals

Intension and programming

Crystals on a physical level

Crystals and meditation

IMG_0108Crystals and your “gifts”

Crystal grids and Crystal Spa

Cord cutting with crystals

Opportunity to purchase beautiful crystals





Dates:  Contact to request private class, with 2 or more participants

Cost:  $300 / day = $600 & GST per Participant

Contact [email protected] or text at 403-804-3552

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