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Knowing the power of Crystals alone, referring to their vibration and the energy they give off, and learning how that Essential Oils are one of the highest natural sources of vibration out there, there was not doubt it was time to create this new powerful product line.

Using Crystals & essential oils together provide a beautiful melody of energetic intelligence, in one little bottle.

Vibrations from both Crystal & essential oils come together, enhancing the properties of each, bringing them both to the highest frequency possible, perfect conditions for profound effects perhaps not otherwise realized if used individually.

Whether this is a treat for your soul, or a treasured gift for a loved one, your experience will an uplifting boost from the Universe.

We have 2 incredible product lines, depending on your needs. First…


Ailment Support in 4 categories:


Explore the magical vibrations of Crystals & Essential Oils.
These are from our Ailments support collection and include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Now for the first time ever we are making this amazing product available to order online! See below for a description of each:

Physical Support:

  • Headache Helper: Amethyst & Turquoise – Anti inflammatory & reduces pain. Peppermint, Lavender & Frankincense – Aids migraines, release & repair.
  • Gut Tamer: Blue Topaz & Clear Quartz – Stimulates metabolism & aids digestion. Peppermint, Fennel & Ginger – Aids gastric, digestion, cramps, nausea & heartburn.
  • Muscle Relief: Zircon & Clear Quartz: Aids cramps, siatica, & amplifies intention. Clove, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Siberian Fir – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing for muscle fatigue.
  • Rocket Fuel: Fire Agate & Clear Quartz – Ignite energy & amplify intention. Peppermint, Lemon, Cassia, Rosemary & Eucalyptus – Balances blood sugar, improves blood flow to brain, combats fatigue, & aids in focus & alertness.

Emotional Support:

  • Quiet Anxiety: Kunzite & Larimar – Calmness & Peace Bergamot, Lemon & Blue Tansy – Stress relief, focus & expands imagination.
  • Instill Love: Pink Tourmaline & Blue Topaz – Self love, joy, abundance & good health. Geranium, Lavender & Grapefruit – Nurturing, expressive & allows us to detox dissatisfaction.
  • Mood Magic: Turquoise & Morganite – Inner calm, Divine love & compassion (self included). Grapefruit, Lavender & Blue Tansy – Detoxes our dissatisfaction, allows for expressive release & pulls in imagination.

Mind Support:

  • Peaceful Mind: Pink Tourmaline & Labradorite – Stress relief, supports brain, metabolism & lungs. Lavender, Cedarwood, Wild Orange & Sandalwood – Uplifting, calming, encourages optimism & release.
  • Sleep Survival: Zircon & Lepedolite – Reduces insomnia & aids sleep. Lavender, Wild Orange, Roman Chamomile & Vetiver – Aids release, grounding, calmness & renewal.
  • Focus: Ruby & Clear Quartz – Increases awareness, concentration & amplifies intention. Peppermint, Douglas Fir, Lime & Sandalwood – Aids restlessness, & alertness while uplifting & stimulates wisdom.

Spiritual Support:

  • Enlightenment: Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz & Lemurian Point – Stimulates psychic abilities, clears Chakra’s, amplifies intent & hold ancient wisdom. Lavender & Sandalwood – Open expression & faith.
  • Bliss: Larimar & Sugilite – Love, peace, tranquility, forgiveness, love & light. Ylang Ylang, Clove & Blue Tansy – Encourages sensuality, intimacy, empowerment & imagination.


Top Sellers @ $60


The Chakra Blend Collection
A fine blend of Essential Oils with powerful Chakra Crystals
  • Crown: Amethyst – Connection. Frankincense (rebirth), Geranium (accepting), Sandalwood (faith), Lavender (expression).
  • 3rd Eye: Lapis Lazuli – Increase psychic abilities & psychic protection. Birch (union; support) Wild Orange (opportunities).
  • Throat: Apatite – Appetite management. Lavender (expression), Spearmint (creative expression), Ylang Ylang (sensuality).
  • Heart: Tsavorite – Vitality & manifestation. Geranium (accepting), Cassia (strength, confidence), Frankincense (repair).
  • Solar Plexus: Citrine – Confidence & energy. Grapefruit (detox), Bergamot (determination), Cassia (strength, confidence), Cypress (adaptability).
  • Sacral: Spessartine – Balanced energy. Cedarwood (optimism), Patchouli (presence), Margoram (trust), Wild Orange (abundance).
  • Root: Garnet – Strength, regeneration. Vetiver (grounding), Cedarwood (connected), Patchouli (physical expression)
Chakra Blends @ $50



Every order will receive the informational postcard for your purchase as well as Rollerball Application guidelines, including a reflexology chart for Ailments collection, or a Chakra Postcard with the Chakra Collections.

Upon check out please ensure you provide your MAILING address and a contact number if. Expected delivery is by Canada Post Express 2 day delivery across Canada. USA order may take 7-10 business days to arrive.

Questions? Contact Rebecca today at [email protected] or p/t at 403-804-3552.


Disclaimer: This product is not meant to replace conventional medicine, only to enhance the human experience with natural products. Fractionated Coconut Oil is used in all blends. Apply topically & for external use only. Use at your own discretion, or with your Dr’s approval.

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