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Are you bored?  Looking to ignite your spirit in a fun and exciting way?  Wishing to try something new in a cozy comfortable environment where you feel safe?    How about your home?

Contact Rebecca for a quote today if you are in the Calgary area, as Rebecca comes to your home for this event.




Gather 6 or more people together for a private class, special events etc.  you can request any of the following from Rebecca:

Build Your Own Spirit Doll 

What is a Spirit Doll you ask?  Good question.  What is your Spirit like, what makes your heart sing?  What makes you jump for joy when you just thing about it?  What inspires you, but you just don’t have enough time in your busy life to do?  IMG_5839

Time to stop the insanity (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results) and try something new!  Perhaps you have no IMG_5523clue what your Spirit is all about, so let Rebecca lead the way as she opens up your mind to explorations and possibilities.  We review Archetypes (if you don’t know what that is, come learn!) to get the creative juices flowing and see if any of those relate or call to you, as   just a start.

Materials of all sorts are provided, from nature to second hand stores, the supplies are endless.  Feel free to bring something you cherish and add it to your doll, whether its fabric or an old piece of jewellery from Grandma you would never wear, but wish to honour…. the possibilities are limitless.

3 hour workshop and cost is $90 $ GST per participant.  You take your Spirit Doll with you!



Art in the Park  (only available in summer)

Imagine a beautiful summer day, outside with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair… under either a shaded tree or large umbrella in your private designated space.  Ok so we are located in Calgary where the weather is unpredictable, however there is always a backup plan!   IMG_5242    

Whether to prefer paint, chalks, pastels as your medium, you get to choose from a variety of colours and take back to your designated art space.  IMG_5248

The fun begins as the music starts and you allow yourself to get lost in the music and express it through your finger tips, or a paint brush, whatever your heart desires.  Painting… in nature… to a variety of cultural music… alone in your space, with you and your spirit… a wonderful meeting ,and a wonderful dance of co-creation and reconnection.IMG_5310

Should you be daring to try, blindfolds are supplied the last 30 minutes while you listen and paint… you will be amazed at how your other senses come alive!


Next, examine your masterpiece and see how music influenced your Soul to come alive, connect and express itself on paper.  Let your imagination run wild!

3 hour workshop

Cost is $100 & GST, per participant supplies included.  Masterpiece yours to take with you! 

Crystal Canvas Meditation 

Do you ever feel the pressure to meditate?  Do you invasion meditation as sitting cross-legged on the floor, chanting OM?  This is a wonderful way to meditate, but certainly not for everyone.

Did you know that meditation can simply mean to just lose yourself in whatever activity you are doing?  A workshop has been developed for you to do just that, lose yourself and instil patience along the way in a gentle loving manner.  How, with Crystal Canvas Meditation.  IMG_6777

The workshop will begin with a short guided meditation with a crystal to motivate and awaken your inner-self, your inner-child and get you focused / unfocused on the task ahead.  Not only will you have fun creating your unique canvas artwork, but you get to make 3 of them to take home with you.  IMG_6770

No pressure for perfection, everything happens as it should… Let the games begin…


3 hour workshop

Cost is $60 & GST, per participant and you get to take your 3, 8×10 Canvas artworks home with you.




Once confirmed with Rebecca, payment options are:

Cash or Email Transfer to [email protected] (text Rebecca at 403-804-3552 with the password) accepted as well. Or PayPal by Add to Cart button below.

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